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79th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising,

Poland today marked the 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the largest act of Jewish resistance in German-occupied Europe during the Holocaust.

The Warsaw ghetto uprising was a violent revolt that occurred from April 19 to May 16, 1943, during World War II. Residents of the Jewish ghetto in German Nazi-occupied Warsaw, Poland, staged an armed revolt to prevent deportations to German Nazi-run extermination camps. The Warsaw uprising inspired other revolts in extermination camps and ghettos throughout German-occupied Eastern Europe.
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Smigus Dyngus: Wet Monday in Poland

Yes in Poland there is a “Drench people with water” day!! This is held every Easter Monday and is known in English as Wet Monday. In Polish, it is known as “Smigus Dyngus”. It’s another crazy festival, tradition, or event in Poland.

Smigus Dyngus is on Easter Monday every year in Poland. It is always on the same day, but the date varies depending on when Easter falls. It’s a public holiday for most businesses in Poland as part of the Easter Christian Festival. It is also normally around the start of Polish spring in late March or early – mid April, which means the weather is usually getting warmer.

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Fat Thursday in Poland | The National Polish Pączek Day

Why do Polish people celebrate Fat Thursday?

Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek in Polish) is a religious tradition, and a very delicious one, which is celebrated by millions of Poles by going to their favorites bakeries.

What do Poles do During the Fat Thursday?

The answer to this question is relatively easy, Poles have a really interesting way to celebrate this day. They spend it eating sweets and cakes, but most of the time they eat a traditional Polish doughnut that is called ‘Pączek‘ (plural: Pączki).

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